The blogger

Inês, a near Lisbon based brunette who aspires to be a Law student. As a languages and humanities student, I loved to read. Unlike my friends, I wasn’t really into books. I’ve always preferred down-to-earth texts. That’s how blogging became a part of my life, not as an author, but as a reader. Back then, I was a fan of a small portuguese blog about school and fashion tips.

In the summer before my first year of highschool came the first idea of starting a blog of my own. The blog I used to read had vanished and I felt the need to give back the advice I received. My first posts in School Couture were all about school tips and tricks. As the topic ran out of articles to write, I started writing about other themes and School Couture became Maravilhoso Paraíso (in case you are wondering, it means wonderful paradise). After two years of blogging, I realised I wanted something more. Half of my public wasn’t even portuguese and sloppy translations widgets weren’t my thing.

It took me a online course and a few articles to figure out that I needed to change. That’s how Lisbonette was born, a platform where you can find a brunette girl sharing her experiences and how it can turn your life upside down. You can follow what’s happening around here on Instagram, Pinterest or Google.