Inês, a near Lisbon based brunette, currently starting a Law degree. As my instagram says, I’m studying for a living, blogging for fun.

I do not remember not writing. When I was a child, I used to have this Hannah Montana notebook where I would write poems about my grandma’s cat and other silly things. Then, I grew up and found out that poetry wasn’t really my thing.

When you are twelve and life seems not to be the same after everyone quits giving you dolls for Christmas, things can get quite overwhelming. Adjusting to seventh grade wasn’t easy for me, until I entered the blog world. Not as a writer, but as a reader. I found this portuguese school related blog that got me back in the game. Life was great again, until that blog vanished.

I had to do something! Twelve-year-olds should have the same help as I did. So, three years after my first ever existential crisis, I created my very own blog. It was called School Couture. It’s main focus was school and it’s problems.

Soon I figured out that I didn’t want to only write about school and I changed it to Maravilhoso Paraíso (wonderful paradise in English, in case you are wondering).

A few years later, in my senior year, I thought this souldn’t be a portuguese only thing and started writing in English too. Today, Lisbonette (a mix between Lisbon – the portuguese city where I study – and brunette – I’m a brunette) is all about my life experiences and how it can inspire you to pursue your dreams! From travel guides to study tips, you get it all. Dream with me and remember, dreams are only dreams until they become reality.

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